The Mighty River

by The Mighty River

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The Mighty River is a two-man band, featuring guitar and cello. From classic folk melodies to looped electronic diddly bits, this duo blends genres, producing full, inventive sounds.
It’s a layer cake of brotherly sound.


released September 18, 2012

Joel Mason - Guitar, vocals
Joel Gorrie - Cello, vocals

Zachari Smith- engineering, mixing, mastering, and over-sized eardrums

Recorded at Lake Studios -



all rights reserved


The Mighty River Montreal, Québec

$Ambient Affect, Dirty Musical Textures, Improvised Composition$

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Track Name: Easy Love
in my life
hearts are burning
look left and right
targets acquired

oh down by one
oh easy love
easy love

under these eyes is you
all through my tries
your loving arms
Track Name: Under The Wire
from the middle i wrote the damn body letter
sent to the government bent across what makes it better
told by the truth to unwrap every bloody tooth
we wore the maps we stole when we were youths

we went under the wire, visit the fat pig (x3)
we went under the wire

priceless, priceless
we go back for years
sightless, sightless
love and blindness, fear and trust

from the middle, down into our backyard
wrote the strategy on a piece of black tar
we are poseidon, the world it is our ocean
tear you up with loyalty and motion

we wore the colours of the revolution (x3)
we wore the colours
Track Name: I Didn't Know
i didn't know where the future take me
i didn't know
i didn't know where the future take me
i didn't know

would i do differently
oh so differently
way back then
with everything i know now
are the blueprints of life so trustworthy?
oh no

we project--and here we go again,
here we go again--
our future onto our past
our lives into those that don't last

you wouldn't do differently
time is a game that can't be replayed
oh joy in the passing of moments
oh joy in the passing of moments
you step up and roar
you step up and roar
Track Name: Be A Man
out on the ocean
there's no one i can count on
but you (x2)

eyes in the water
selling me my last name
everyone's selling me something
but you (x3)

but you understand
what it takes
to be a man

but you understand
what it takes
to be a man
Track Name: This Light
like a drunk at last call
like the moment before you fall
this light is lingering in me

like the words never said
or the memory of the dead
this light is lingering in you

i'm a poet in the rain
or i'm a teenage midnight train
i'm the remnant that survived
or i'm a bee in it's hive

deep in our dust
this light lingers, this light lingers on.

like the last chance that i get
or the last one after that
this light is lingering in you

like the hands reaching out
or the sleepless eyes of doubt
this light is lingering in me

i'm the memory of war
or i'm forgotten buried ore
i'm that stain that won't wash
or i'm those love letters you never lost

deep in our dust
we're chasing the birth and the dying in us
deep in our dust
this light lingers, this light lingers on

like the scar after the scalpel sings
like the wound that revolution brings
like the sea that hides beneath the ice
like when you and i both tried
Track Name: Revolution
IHOP wants me to join their revolution
Subway wants me to join their revolution
maybe i should revolutionize their revolution
cause there's just too many revolutions to choose from

American Apparel wants me to join their revolution
Barack wants me to join his revolution
he's wondering when i can constitutionalize his revolution
but there's just too many constitutions to choose from

you want me to join your revolution, i want you to join mine
i'm the fed-ex man with a plan in a can
just sign on the dotted line
signature so sure, no blurs, no swerving
curving your confidence, no dents in your ethics

hipsters want me to join their revolution
anti-hipsters want me to join their revolution
i can't map the changes happening in our evolution
i need an anti-anti-anti-revolution

signifier/signified, in between they say it lies
brute force, cute course, drama of a discourse
where words go to die
Florida in the sky
tiki drinks by the pool
keep the revolution cool

i've got choice when it comes to spending
TIME saving the world
i've got choice when it comes to mending
TIME saving my world
Track Name: Time Is A Name
one day my riches
they came and went
i never knew them
they haven't called back yet

i would have waved goodbye
with a smile in my eyes

time is a name i give to the world
the world is a name i give to my suffering
suffering is the name that i give
i give to the joy i was born into
and i remain in the sound of the rain

we go out walking
we go out arm in arm
under the pale moon
under those wheeling stars
oh the lights are fine
for just you and i
Track Name: Floating Souls
in this world
you got to keep your head down
they'll tear you apart
they will bring their hammers down

fast as a burn
they will find us lonely ones
so we got to turn
our flood on them

i know they say we come in
alone as the day that we go out
but they know less than nothing
i need a friend to ease this doubt
tie your boat up next to mine

we've found our floating souls
no one can tell us we're sinking stones
it's so dark out here at night
that we're like a mirror to those satellites

so we go out
looking for that age-old freedom
and we got to shout
fill 'em with that old-age syrum
right or wrong
we will set that fire inside
singing a song
fill 'em with that age-old light
Track Name: Paul & Teresa
the mississippi river was rolling like a stone into the sea
the boys were playing bluegrass
and the wind was singing just like a choir howls to be free

oh the hope was so clear, it was clear as a window washed daily by the rain
i could touch it with the pads of my fingers
i could touch it just like your heart heals my pain

old paul says it takes heart and bones, heart and bones
to make it through
like the train moves through the mountain
through the mountain with its metal and its fuel

well that's like my heart
this body it ain't mine to keep
well that's like my heart
and you say, baby that's a start
we're all stones rolling down here to the sea

the radio was playing the sound of ice skates moving in the dark
we were smoking pipes and beating drums
oh we were holding life like a smoking gun

the fire in the bowl was leading
like the spirit leads a pilgrim to her home
she said, home is the place you never know
till the knowledge of the home you left is gone

teresa says it's a waiting game, it's waiting game
to make it through
there's a wilderness in every one of us
for every one of us
now honey, that's the truth